Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Fairy Painting!


A Lilac Fairy! I've always loved lilacs, and I planned to do a lilac painting for a while.  That's why I resisted making lilacs part of my ACEO Garden Series.  I wanted to do a larger version.  :)

8 x 10" watercolor and white goauche.
Prints are available on my website!

My 3rd sheet of Rubber Stamps is now available for pre-order from Sweet Pea Stamps!!  You can pre-order those and see all my other rubber stamps HERE!

I also have a couple new necklaces to share!
"Cyclamen Opal Full Persian Necklace"
The cyclamen opal crystals in this are sooo pretty!  They are a sort of purplely rose color.  I'd say more purple though, with a hint of rose. They're a bit more purple than the pictures seem to show. I love them though, and couldn't resist using them for this necklace!

This is for sale in my Etsy Shop HERE

This necklace is a custom necklace that I made for a customer. It is made up of several various types of black and gunmetal chains.  I have plans of doing something similar to offer for sale soon.  :)

And because I love her so much, here are a couple more pictures of my beautiful kitty, Freya!  :)