Friday, July 31, 2009

Commissioned Painting and New Bracelet

I just finished a commission I've been working on for a few weeks! The tiger is supposed to symbolize strength and the crystal ball looking to the future. I'm particularly happy with how her dress turned out. :)

"Strength and Hope"

Watercolor, white goauche and colored pencil. 9 x 12"

Now I'm going to get back to a couple other things I started before this. One being the Georgian vampire painting and an ACEO.

I also made another bracelet. This one is not art-related though. I really love this one! It is more me, being black tones. :) These are a lot of fun to make! I just may make some to sell eventually. With and without my art involved. ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Glass Tile Pendants!

I have several new glass tile pendants for sale! This time they're square! Click on the picture to view them.

square glass tile pendants

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rose Garden Charm Bracelet

I've been trying out some beading lately, and this is something that I made. I really like it! I'm not going to sell this one. My mom liked it so much, I'm going to give it to her. But maybe I can consider it a prototype for some that I might make in the future.

These would be a little more special than my necklaces because the whole thing is hand-beaded. So I'd probably only be able to do one every now and then. :)

The beading became surprisingly quick once I got the hang of it. I made a keychain too yesterday. Maybe I'll post a picture of that later. It was actually intended to be a bracelet too, sort of like above, but I thought it was a little too clunky for that (I like my jewelry a little more delicate), so I turned it into a keychain. ;)

So I'm having some fun with some beading! I hope to have some new artwork soon! I have to finish a commission first, but I'm working on a couple things in between.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Painting Progress

I've been working on a commission, so I haven't really gotten a chance to do much personal work. In between waiting for replies from my client, I transferred "Another Ruined Cravat" to watercolor paper and just barely got the background started.

I think that the colors will be similar to my digital "for fun" version. I tried to think of any color scheme that I would like better, and I just couldn't really think of one. At first I thought of making the bed curtains red, but that would make the bits of blood not as poignant. My original idea for this picture was that it was the woman's bedroom and he was leaving after his, um... feast? :) But with the green, it makes the room have more of a masculine sort of feel. So I guess it is his room. What is left to wonder about is if she is capable of leaving on her own, or if a servant will have to remove her. hmm...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

To Bid You Farewell

I finally managed to finish this one! The title was once again inspired by an Opeth song... just a different one than I was originally thinking of. You can probably tell they're one of my favorite bands. ;)

8 x 12" Watercolor and white goauche.