Monday, December 2, 2013

Postcard Set and Print GIVEAWAY!!


One lucky winner will win a set of 25 of my fantasy/gothic art postcards and an 8.5 x 11" print of my newest painting, "A Glimmer of Hope!"

Postcards included in this set art:

Toxic, Dead Sea, Opium Poppy, Broken Halo, Witching Hour, Candy Hearts, Pine, Spellbook, Midnight Minions, Black Hellebore, Midnight Travelers, Adrift, Nevermore, Wither, Holly, Wisdom, Despair, Hope, Submerged, Winter, From the Dark Depths, Absinthe, False Hellebore, Christmas Kitties, and Windswept

Good luck everyone!!

Let me know asap if you have any trouble entering.

The "tweet about the giveaway" and "easy entry for all" options can be done once a day to increase your chances of winning! In the easy entry for all option, if you have to type something in the box to enter, you can put whatever you want, even just your name.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Giveaway!!


One lucky winner will win a free 13 x 19" print of my newest Halloween painting, "Midnight Minions!"

Good luck everyone!!

Let me know asap if you have any trouble entering.

The "tweet about the giveaway" and "easy entry for all" options can be done once a day to increase your chances of winning! In the easy entry for all option, if you have to type something in the box to enter, you can put whatever you want, even just your name.

Happy *early* Halloween!! ;)

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Pretty Poisons GIVEAWAY!!

One luck winner will win a complete set of 5 x 7" prints of my Pretty Poisons Series!
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Please give the form a few seconds to load, and let me know asap if you have any problems entering.

The "tweet about the giveaway" and "easy entry for all" options can be done once a day to increase your chances of winning!

Good luck!

Pretty Poisons Series Complete!

#8 Aconium

Here are the final two pretty Poisons in the series!! "Oleander" and "Aconitum" which is also known as wolfsbane, monkshood and the queen of poisons. I hope you all have enjoyed this series!! Prints off all of these can be found on my website, ebay store, etsy... the usual. :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

False Hellebore

"False Hellebore" -- Pretty Poisons #6

Here is the sixth one! Just two more to go now! I hope you like her!  I liked the idea of doing green flowers. I'm trying to vary the colors of these as much as possible, though there will be two pink flowers in the series but they are very different shades. :) I'd also like to note that False Hellebores (aka Veratrum album, Veratrum Virde, Corn Lily) are a completely different species of flower than Black Hellebores (Helleborus niger) that I did as #1 in this series. Both are toxic. They have similar names, but aren't related at all.

Watercolor and white gouache. ACEO (2.5 x 3.5")

The original is for auction HERE!
Prints are available on my website.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pretty Poisons Continue!

"Opium Poppy" -- Pretty Poisons #5

I decided it was time to finish up my Pretty Poisons ACEO Series. I hadn't intended for it to take almost a year to get the next one out. Sorry about that! I have 3 more to do after this one, for a total of 8 in the series. And... I have them all sketched already and just have to paint them. So I should get them done fairly quickly over the next week or so. So, here is the first of the last four! "Opium Poppy" I hope you like her as much as I do! I'm really excited to finish these last four pretty poisons! I like all the sketches! I can't wait to get them all painted and share them with you!

You can find the Original for auction HERE!
Prints are on my website.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Art and New Shop!


This is my newest painting, finished last week! I originally started this painting in gouache on rose colored paper, but it just wasn't going well at all! I'm not so sure about using gouache all alone. I couldn't get it to blend without it becoming a streaky mess. I may try it again sometime. I haven't decided if I want to yet. So I started it over and did it in my usual media of watercolor and white gouache... ahh, much better! :) I'm glad I started over because I'm thrilled with how she turned out! I managed to get the background the dusky rose color that I'd wanted and I'm happy with all the wilting plants and flowers.

I hope you like her too! Prints and the original of her can be purchased on my website HERE

This is the ACEO I did for the winner of my free ACEO commission giveaway! She was fun to work on, and a little different from what I normally do. :)

Limited Edition prints are available on my website HERE

New ElvenstarArt Tube Shop!

I'm also excited to announce that I now have my own psp tube shop! In case you haven't heard, Dreamscape Imaging has closed, so I had to make a decision as to how I wanted to offer my tubes. I've decided to try going independent this time and sell them myself. You may now find all my tubes in the new ElvenstarArt Tube Shop! I hope you enjoy my new store. :)
My main website has also been reorganized slightly to make room for the new tube shop, so if you have trouble finding anything, just let me know and I'll direct you to it. :)

And finally, for the next week you can get 20% off at my Etsy Shop with the coupon code: TAKE20
This include prints, originals and jewelry... Visit my shop HERE!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time for another Giveaway!

I recently passed 2000 Likes on my Facebook Fan Page! I'd like to have another Giveaway as a thanks to all my fans!! Thank you very much for all the support everyone!
If you don't already follow me on Facebook, you can find me HERE!


One lucky winner will win Free Custom ACEO Painting!!
Two Additional winners will win an 8.5 x 11" print of their choice!!
There will be only one winner chosen for each of the 3 prizes in this giveaway after one week. The winners will notified and given 48 hours to claim their prize.

The grand prize is for a free commissioned ACEO painting, which means that I will paint what you tell me. Please try to choose a subject that goes along the lines of what I paint and will suit my style. I won't paint anything pornographic or offensive.

ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals." These paintings are 2.5 x 3.5" This is a small space and best fits portrait style artwork. For examples of ACEO's that I have done, please visit my ACEO Gallery

This painting will be done in my free time, in between paid work.

The second two prizes are for a free 8.5 x 11" print of the winners' choice!

Please allow a few seconds for the entry form below to load.
Good Luck!!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wisdom -- New Art!

I finally finished this painting!! It was a long time in coming. Last month I came down with the flu, which had me sick for 2 weeks. And then when I was starting to feel better from that I caught something else! lol Now I am finally feeling better and have this painting to share with you! :)

I started this back in November, but other work and then illness got in the way of my finishing it until now. I'm so happy with how this turned out, and I love the owls even though I thought I'd go crazy working on the feather details! I very much hope you like her too!

8.5 x 11" Watercolor and white gouache.

Prints of her are now available on my website HERE.

I also have some new bookmark designs available!
These are available HERE.

And lastly, I have some new stamps out from Sweet Pea Stamps! These are available as Rubber Stamps and Digi Stamps.
You can see those here: Rubber | DIGI

Monday, February 11, 2013

Candy Hearts -- New Art!

"Candy Hearts"

I have a new painting to share! Here is a simple and sweet little Valentine's Day fairy! I hope that you like her!  This is my second Valentine's-themed painting. The other is my "Thinking of You" angel that I did a few years ago. Maybe next year I'll do an anti-valentine painting. :) I did give this fairy a little edge though with dark tattoos and make up. I couldn't resist or risk having her turn out too sweet.  lol ;)

7 x 9" watercolor and white gouache.

Prints and the original painting are available on my website HERE

The other day, I splurged on a large art supplies order from Dick Blick. I got some stuff that I needed, such as some erasers, watercolor paper, and an extra gatorfoam board from stretching my paintings on. I figured that I should have a spare for the occasions I have more than one painting going at once. I really could have used one for this fairy painting since I have a larger painting stretched on my foam board waiting to be painted. So in order to paint this I had to tape it to an old panel I have in my old way of painting. It works, but the paper doesn't stay quite as flat as when stretching. Annnyway... I got an extra so this shouldn't be a problem in the future.

I also finally got some more gouache paints! I think I've mentioned before that I'd really like to try an all gouache painting. Some years ago, I tried to get used to using acrylics. I have 4 or 5 painting that I made using them, but I just never really enjoyed working with them. I liked how some of the painting turned out, but I didn't really like the process. I'm thinking that gouache might work out for me, since they're opaque like acrylic, but handle somewhat like the watercolor that I love. Obviously there will be different techniques to use when working with an opaque paint than with transparent watercolor, but I think that it will be similar enough that I'll enjoy it more than acrylics.

Another neat thing is that since they're opaque, I'll be able to try out some paintings on different color papers (which I also bought). I did some colored pencil drawings on colored paper in the past, and it can create a nice atmosphere. I'm excited for my new supplies to arrive so that I can try them out! :)

And last of all, I'd like to share what will probably come next, the painting of this sketch which I completed back in November: