Friday, July 31, 2009

Commissioned Painting and New Bracelet

I just finished a commission I've been working on for a few weeks! The tiger is supposed to symbolize strength and the crystal ball looking to the future. I'm particularly happy with how her dress turned out. :)

"Strength and Hope"

Watercolor, white goauche and colored pencil. 9 x 12"

Now I'm going to get back to a couple other things I started before this. One being the Georgian vampire painting and an ACEO.

I also made another bracelet. This one is not art-related though. I really love this one! It is more me, being black tones. :) These are a lot of fun to make! I just may make some to sell eventually. With and without my art involved. ;)


Rose said...

I really like the blue dress ^_^ !

Holly Durr said...

The dress is awesome! I like the tiger too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that´s wonderful, like always. Different to you latest paintings because the background is bright and not dark. I love her dress and the tiger is wonderful, too. Her dark dress and her black her are a perfect match to the daylight background.