Friday, August 20, 2010

New Painting and Jewelery

"Midnight Masquerade" -- This is my newest painting that I just finished Wednesday night!  She was done for the Enchanted Visions Project, and my first contribution to it!  :)  I'm really happy with how she turned out.  This is the first full-size painting I've done all Summer!

I still have 4 more of the Garden Series ACEOs left to do, but I needed a break to do something else.  I don't know if I'll do another bigger painting next or another ACEO.

Watercolor, white goauche and colored pencil.  8.5 x 11"  Check out the detail view!  Prints and the Original painting are available on my website!

New Dog Tag Necklaces!!
I made a new batch of dog tag necklaces recently!  These new ones feature the ladies of my Garden Series!  The dog tag necklaces are my favorites that I've made!  I think they showcase the artwork the best!  :)  These and more are available in my Etsy Shop for only  $12 each.  You can visit it by clicking the picture below!

I've recently tried out making chainmaille jewelry for the first time!  It's really addicting, so I can see making some more things in the future.  I already have a couple in mind!  :)

This was my first attempt... the Dragonscale weave.  It's kind of an ambitious weave for a first time, but I saw a bracelet like it, so I had my mind set on making one.  lol

My next creations were a matching necklace and bracelet!  I only intended on making the necklace, but had enough supplies for a bracelet too!  This was done in the Full Persian weave, with bright aluminum rings and large Jet Swarovski crystal beads!  I love them and was tempted to keep them for myself!  lol  But I put them up for sale on Etsy.  (might have to make a set for myself sometime ;)They are for sale separately in my shop.  Click the picture below to see them.


ShadowCutter said...

wow good job with the chainmaille! I've been making chainmaille for about 10 years but I still haven't had the patience for dragonscale yet, as much as I like the look of it.

Rose said...

Wow the new necklaces are so beautiful :) <3 especially the pink !