Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Sales, New Art and Kitties!

I'll start out by announcing that starting today I'm having a huge Holiday sale in my Ebay store!!  This will last until December 5th!!  You can get 25% off all prints, including a brand new size I'm now offering -- large, 13 x 19" prints!!  And get 10% off everything else -- original paintings, jewelry, bookmarks, etc...!

Also if you prefer to shop at Etsy, you won't be left out!  Enter the coupon code HOLIDAY at the checkout and get 10% off your order!!  :)

You can also get 40% off calendars at Zazzle for the rest of November by entering the coupon code: 40CLNDRS2011
I  have 3 calendars available: 

Newest Art

 "Crimson Wings"
This painting was done for the Enchanted Visions Project for the theme, crimson wings.  I took mine in a horror/fantasy direction.  I'm really pleased with how she turned out!  She's probably one of my favorites I've done in a while.
Prints and the Original Painting are available HERE

 "Pumpkin Patch"
This next one I finished JUST in time for Halloween!  I like some things about it but I think I could have improved a couple things if I'd had more time to work on it.  But for the most part, I'm happy with it.  :)
Prints are available HERE

Summertime, outside
In September, we took in a stray cat.  She'd been hanging around all Summer and when it was starting to get a little cooler outside she decided that she wanted to move in with us.  Yes, she decided.  She came in through a hole in our screen door and made herself at home.  LOL  Luckily we liked her so we let her stay.  Isn't she pretty!  :)

Pweese, let me in!
Of course, being a female stray... she had to be pregnant.
On October 30th, she had 3 kittens.  I knew for sure that she was pregnant maybe 2-3 week before she gave birth.  At least she and her kitties have a warm place to stay and plenty of food to eat, plus 4 humans that are pretty crazy about them!  :)  Especially Momma, Freya!  We haven't gotten to know the kittens too much yet, but they get more adorable every day.  They're currently 3 weeks old.  We probably won't be able to keep all three kittens, but plan on keeping at least one of them along with Freya.  Hopefully we can find good homes for the other 2.  :) These are some of my favorite pics of her and her kittens.  I haven't gotten many very good ones of the kittens yet since she has them under my bed!  lol

Pretty Freya
One Kitten, 2-3 days old
Nursing her babies
babies, 1 week old
2 weeks old
3 weeks old

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