Monday, February 28, 2011

February news...

I need to try update my blog more regularly. This is pretty much all of February's news in one post. lol  If you want to make sure to get all my updates quickly, please follow my Facebook fanpage or subscribe to my newsletter (more about this further down).

This is my latest painting finished 1-2 weeks ago, "Absinthe" featuring, of course, the green fairy.  :)  I've wanted to do my own version of the absinthe fairy for a while.  I hope that yo like her!  Please check out the detail view on my website for a close view of her face.

The original painting has sold, but prints are available on my website.  Larger 13 x 19" prints are available in my ebay store.  I keep meaning to get those up on my website for most of my paintings, but that will be a large task and I haven't gotten a chance yet.  Feel free to contact me if you're ever interested in a print at that size and don't want to use Ebay or you don't see the image you want there.  It shouldn't be a problem for most of my artwork except for ACEOs or odd shaped ones like square paintings.  They're $29.95 each.

She's also available as a tube through Dreamscape Imaging for the taggers out there!

About my newsletter... I've recently switched mailing list providers.  I used Bravenet before, but I didn't like the ads in the emails I sent out, at least for the free service.  I also think they went to people's spam too easily.  So I found a better service with MailChimp.  For those who already subscribed to my newsletter, you've already been switched over.  For anyone else, if you'd like to join my mailing list to get my most important updates then feel free to sign up at the link in the first paragraph or at my website.  I promise I won't spam your inbox or anything.  I just alert you to newest art, special auctions, sales, products... things like that.  ;)

 I have some new bookmarks for sale!  This is a new type of bookmark for me.  These are laminated and don't come in the big vinyl sleeves.  Though the vinyl ones are still available, these aren't quite as bulky.  They're really beautiful, and available in my ebay store HERE.  Right now I just have one of each listed available. I will be continuously adding new ones as I make them, but eventually they will become a regular item of mine.  :)  I may phase the vinyl ones out and replace them with these, but for now you can get both.

Heaven and Earth Designs recently released a couple of my paintings as quick stitch cross stitch charts. Amaryllis and Sweet Pea!

Though these were made in December/January I just realized that I never mentioned them in my blog.
All of these are for sale HERE

New chainmaille bracelet and necklace set (sold separately) done in the full persian weave.

A gothic necklace and earrings set (also sold separately)

And a beaded kumihimo braided bracelet!

I believe that is pretty much it for the moment.  I'm going to have a new ACEO painting done soon.  I really should have it done already, but I've been a slacker.  lol  I have it sketched and ready to go.  I just have to add color.  :)

I think that I will feel more productive once the weather gets a little nicer!  I'm so tired of winter and snow and cold... bleh!

On a more positive note... I have cute kitties to cheer me up!  They're just over 4 months old now.  :)
Pretty Storm

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