Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Broken Halo WIP

A couple days ago I did a couple of quick, messy concept sketches.  I almost always do these before doing my more refined sketches, just to get my composition planned out.  Then I wasn't sure which I wanted to start with, the angel or the mermaid, so I asked my Facebook friends to help me decide.  The majority voted for the angel, which truthfully I was leaning toward myself.  :)  But I fully plan on doing the mermaid soon too, if not immediately after the angel.

So I got started on the angel sketch.  I worked on it for several hours yesterday.  While I was working on it, I took some progress shots.  While this isn't really a tutorial, I thought some would still find it interesting to see how it came together.

And I had a little visitor while I was working.  Loki had to investigate what the heck I was doing!  I guess he wasn't too impressed because right after this picture was taken, he began to chew on my drawing board!  lol

"Broken Halo" final sketch
Here is the finished sketch!  The photo washed out a lot of the background detail, but I was too lazy to scan it.  This is a fairly large picture, at 11 x 14"  I plan to transfer the sketch tonight and hopefully get started on the painting too.  I hope that the painting goes as smoothly as the sketch did.  :)


jackid said...

just found your blog and having a look through your art work is stunning and seeing them develope like this is amazing
Jacki xx

ElvenstarArt said...

Thank you very much, Jacki! :)