Thursday, August 11, 2011

Woodland Magic and ACEO Auctions

"Woodland Magic" is all finished and prints are available of her on my website.

Watercolor and white goauche.  8.5 x 11"

I have some one-of-a-kind hand-embellished Canvas ACEO prints up for auction!! They have some neat glitter and shiny effects on them as detailed in the auctions. I love these printed on the canvas. They look really beautiful and are my favorite bunch of embellished prints yet! I've found my media for embellished aceo prints. I wasn't quite satisfied with the paper I used before.

Anyway, you can see all 13 auctions HERE

What's Next? 
This is the sketch that I'm going to start painting tomorrow!  :)

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lorellyne said...

wonderful artwork !! I love the magical atmosphere you created on this piece ! And I can't wait to see your future works