Monday, September 3, 2012

Sea Swept Series

I knew I wanted to paint another mermaid. I wanted to do another one in a similar scene/color scheme as my painting, From the Dark Depths. So I was trying to come up with the right pose that I wanted for her. I wanted her sitting up more, not lying down like in "FTDD." So often for paintings when I'm trying to figure out a layout for them, I'll do rough little sketches just to get an idea of how I want it before I do a final sketch. I sketched several poses (pictured right) and I still couldn't decide. I even posted this on Facebook and asked for opinions, but ultimately I was fond of several of these. So I decided that I had to do the few I liked best and make a series of them.

I've always felt that I needed more mermaids in my gallery anyway! I think that I have about enough to give them their own gallery on my website soon! :)

Here are the finished paintings! I painted them all using the exact same coloring but done in different ways. It was fun to see all the different combinations that could be done. All are 5 x 7" watercolor and white gouache. The prints and originals are available on my website HERE.



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