Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Art and New Shop!


This is my newest painting, finished last week! I originally started this painting in gouache on rose colored paper, but it just wasn't going well at all! I'm not so sure about using gouache all alone. I couldn't get it to blend without it becoming a streaky mess. I may try it again sometime. I haven't decided if I want to yet. So I started it over and did it in my usual media of watercolor and white gouache... ahh, much better! :) I'm glad I started over because I'm thrilled with how she turned out! I managed to get the background the dusky rose color that I'd wanted and I'm happy with all the wilting plants and flowers.

I hope you like her too! Prints and the original of her can be purchased on my website HERE

This is the ACEO I did for the winner of my free ACEO commission giveaway! She was fun to work on, and a little different from what I normally do. :)

Limited Edition prints are available on my website HERE

New ElvenstarArt Tube Shop!

I'm also excited to announce that I now have my own psp tube shop! In case you haven't heard, Dreamscape Imaging has closed, so I had to make a decision as to how I wanted to offer my tubes. I've decided to try going independent this time and sell them myself. You may now find all my tubes in the new ElvenstarArt Tube Shop! I hope you enjoy my new store. :)
My main website has also been reorganized slightly to make room for the new tube shop, so if you have trouble finding anything, just let me know and I'll direct you to it. :)

And finally, for the next week you can get 20% off at my Etsy Shop with the coupon code: TAKE20
This include prints, originals and jewelry... Visit my shop HERE!


Miamina said...

I hope you don't mind me saying, this picture is stunning and definitely one of my favourite pieces that you've produced recently! I only wish I had the money for the original, but I'll definitely be getting a print.

I think it's great that you were brave enough to step outside your comfort zone and use different materials. You may not have liked it but at least you know now! It's all trial and error!

I look forward to seeing what you'll be working on next :)

ElvenstarArt said...

Thank you very much, Miamina! I'm so glad you like it! :)