Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sea Dragon and Mermaid Sketch

This is a sketch that I've been working on. I don't paint many mermaids, but this idea came to me. And I've been trying to paint more dragons too because they're my favorite fantasy creatures. I've just always been better at painting/drawing people.

I don't really know exactly what kind of colors I want to paint this yet. All I know is that it is going to be night, so it'll be pretty dark. :)

Below are some of the little thumbnail sketches that I did to figure out what pose and composition I wanted to use. Yes, they are very rough! :) I decided I liked the third one the best. It seemed the most natural to me.

Well, that's about all for now. I just thought I'd share what I'm working on at the moment...


Rose said...

Owww it is so cute !!! :)

i'm impatient to see the colors :P

(your book will be sent in June ?)

ElvenstarArt said...

Thank you! :)

The books could be sent as late as July. Pre-Orders last until July 10th. Once that's over I have to order those copies and then ship them. Some may go out earlier, but I can't make any promises.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, that´s wonderful! Can´t wait to see the finished painting. I love dragons, too. Great to see another mermaid made by you. The one you have in your gallery is wonderful. :-)

ElvenstarArt said...

Thanks, Bianca! :)

Katerina Koukiotis said...

lovely sketches!! i love those little sketches they are so cute !!
I love on the one you decided on, I'm guessing you're doing it for the FAE ocean show?
I started work on my mermaid too,mine is a bit different it involves...fishies..lol
Can't wait to see it finished :)

ElvenstarArt said...

Thanks, Katerina! Actually, I forgot about the show! I guess this painting will fit right in. :)