Saturday, June 20, 2009

Even More Painting Progress...

I've been working on some other things lately too, and getting the book stuff ready, so this isn't coming along as quickly as I'd like. But I think that I've finally finished the background, though this is a terrible picture of it. I had to go over all the stones again, because I didn't think they were dark enough and in the process of darkening them, all the detail was blurred. So I had to go sharpen everything up again. I also worked on the perspective a little, narrowing the road/pathway more. The depth before wasn't quite working. I hope it looks better now. I think it may be more obvious once I finally get the angel painted. Then I can tweak anything that still feels off. :)

My plans for this first shipment of books is to have them in the mail by Tuesday! ;)


Anonymous said...

Although it isn´t finished yet, I love it and the background looks great. I think it´s wonderful, although the theme is dark, the painting isn´t that dark, the colors more "bright".
Oh, I can´t wait to get my book, but take the time you need. :-)

Rose said...

I received a mail about the book :))) !

I like very much the road like this ! And the grass looks very good *_*