Friday, June 12, 2009

More Painting Progress and Books!

Here are a couple more pics of my progress on this painting. I was originally just going to have the stone pathway that she's sitting on kind of fade around the edges in a circle around her, like in the sketch. But I didn't think that it looked right once I had it painted like that, so I extended it all the way to the edges.

In the next photo, I added the beginning wash of green for the grass along the sides of the path. I made it fade into fog in the distance. I still have to go in and detail the blades of grass, at least in the foreground.

At first, I was just thinking of creating a painting in the same vein as at Gothic Lament, but now that I'm further along it also reminds me of a couple of my other favorite paintings, Mourning Garden and Moonlight Apparition, and possibly a little Lady Death mixed in there too. :) I was going to name this "Gothic Lament II", but now with all these other influences, I'm now thinking it should have a separate title. Right now, I'm leaning toward "Benighted." For one, I was listening to Opeth while working on it yesterday and I heard the song, and also it fits the mood with its meaning: overtaken by darkness or night.


Next up, is book news....

I have received my first shipment of my books! I'm not quite ready to ship them out yet. I have to get shipping envelopes, give the books a quick look over to make sure there aren't any obvious defects or problems, sign them, and print out the Dragon Angel prints that come with them. But I'll probably start shipping the pre-orders that I've gotten soon, maybe in the next couple weeks. I'll let those that ordered one know by email when they're shipped. :) It's so neat to see this big stack of my books!!

There's still about a month to pre-order! Pre-orders end July 10th! Dark Visions Artbook


Finally, I have a framed print for auction on ebay!! It only has a couple of days left now. It is of the cropped version of "Thinking of You." It is really beautiful! Click the picture to check out the auction!


Rose said...

Awww your painting looks very good :)) !!! I love your style ^_^

And your book *___* aaaaah I'm SO impatient ! just gorgeous & perfect :) !

The frame is very beautiful with your painting !

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, once again, I´m very impressed and and love with your new painting. It looks wonderful and I think I´ll buy a print after it´s done and I can afford it (not before next month *crying*) but I´ll buy a print because I´m sure it will be wonderful and fits perfect to all other paintings of you I have on the walls on my flat. Wonderful, can´t see the finished painting.
And about the book, that´s so great, I can´t wait, like always. Wish you a nice weekend!

ElvenstarArt said...

Thank you, both, very much!! :)

Katerina Koukiotis said...

books look amazing and so is the ainting i love what you're doing with the background the stone on the ground looks fantastic and so real :)

ElvenstarArt said...

Thanks, Katerina!! :)