Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Painting and Products!

"From the Dark Depths"
This is my newest painting, finished earlier this week!  I actually painted a mermaid this time!  It is not a subject that I get inspired to paint often for whatever reason.  I just don't get that many mermaid ideas.  :)

I wanted her to me more of a dark mermaid, and even though she is up on the beach, I didn't want it to be beautifully sunny.  So I opted for a cloudier atmosphere.

Watercolor and white goauche, as usual.  5 x 7"
Prints are available on my website!

New Products!
I'm pleased to announce that my artwork is now available on a couple of new products!

Some of my art is now available as Iron On Transfers from Kat's Magical Patches!! These can be used for all kinds of fabric crafts!

Also, You can now get some of my art as Rubber Stamps! Pre-order my first sheet now at Sweet Pea Stamps!!

We got the kittens spayed this week, and they are now at home recovering.  As it turned out, all 3 off them are girls!  I thought for sure that at least Loki was a boy.  Oh well, I guess we'll just have to have a girl cat named Loki, because I couldn't get used to another name at this point.  lol

They seem to be doing well, except for the fact that they don't recognized each other's scent and keep hissing at each other.  This also includes their mom.  She hisses if one comes anywhere near her.  I've heard this is common and should pass.  I sure hope so!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Sale!!

I have a sale going in my Ebay Store for the next week!  Get up to 20% off on EVERYTHING!!

I've started the sketch for a mermaid painting, of which I showed a little concept sketch of a few weeks ago in this blog post.  It is kind of slow going because I've been sick with a cold this week.  This cold has been going through my family for the last few weeks, and I thought I was in the clear but it hit me last.  :(  It's actually the first cold I've had in several years, so I've been lucky.  I hope that it will pass soon, so I can get some real work done!  I hate being sick.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Painting, new website and more...

New Art:
 "Broken Halo"
11 x 14" watercolor and white goauche.
This is my newest painting that I finished a couple days ago!  I'm really happy with how she turned out.  The billowy storm clouds in the background took the longest!  Backgrounds often do take me longer than the figure to paint, maybe it's because I find the figures way more fun to paint!  But backgrounds are a necessary evil.  lol

I was originally going to make her wings turning from white to black, having the feathers falling out being the white ones.  Like after she "fell" everything was darkening and volatile around her, as with the storm clouds building up around her.  But by the time I got to the wings, I just wasn't quite sure how to successfully pull that off how I'd imagined.  And I wasn't sure if it would have looked as good if I'd tried, so I decided just to go with all black instead.  :)

Prints are available on my website!

New Website:
I made a website dedicated to my handmade jewelry! The shopping cart is connected to my main art website, so you can shop at both in one transaction! :)
You can visit  it here:
ElvenstarArt Jewelry

I now have the Garden Series available as bookmarks!  They're only $2.50 each!  I also have many other designs available in my Ebay store.

And Just because they're cute:
Almost 5 1/2 months now...

Bear's Pretty Green Eyes
More Bear cuteness
Loki's Sweet Face...
Loki again

Sleepy Loki

Storm and Loki taking over my drawing table