Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Succubus Gift and Newer Art

I've been really busy on commissions lately that I've only gotten one personal painting done since January! Luckily I've really enjoyed working on everything so much! So I'd like to share my three newest paintings.

First of all is a small commissioned painting of a Cecaelia, or a human/octopus hybrid. You know, kind of like Ursula from The Little Mermaid. ;)  I was very intrigued by the subject since I have yet to paint a Cecaelia. I also would like to add more sea creatures/mermaids to my portfolio. Ideas for them just don't come to me as often as other things.

She was 5 x 7", watercolor and white gouache. Prints of her are available on my website.

I feel like I paint in blues much more than any other color, and while it is one of my favorite color schemes, it is nice to switch it up a bit at times. And fiery red and Autumn colors are probably my next favorite! And what better for a witch reading her book of spells! This painting seems a bit off-season to be painted in February instead of around Halloween, but it's my favorite time of year. :)

8.5 x 11"  Watercolor and white gouache.

"The Succubus Gift"
I'm excited to show my newest commission! This painting was done as cover art for an an urban fantasy/paranormal romance novel by BR Kingsolver. You can read more about this book on the author's website:
It isn't out yet, but should be sometime next month.

I tried a new technique on the background of this painting. I couldn't quite get the background as smooth as I wanted the coloring to be for some reason at first, so I had to completely scrap it and start over. This time around I tried an airbrush technique. I got a cheap airbrush kit on ebay, the air is even propelled by canned air and not an air compressor. I knew that it would suit my needs because I didn't intend on doing anything detailed with it. I just wanted some soft coloring effects in the background, so I didn't need any fancy, expensive equipment. It worked very well! I just used some darker blue watercolor in it and sprayed in the darker blue areas of the background. I think that I will be using this technique again in the future.

9 x 12.5" Watercolor, white gouache, colored pencil and airbrush.
Prints of this painting are available on my website:

Below is the complete cover design, with text, also done by me.

I currently have two special auctions going on ebay! These are for two LARGE sets of ACEO prints. Each set contains 20 different prints and they both started at only one penny!! See both those auctions HERE!

In Licensing news...
For all you cross stitchers out there, my painting, "Shadow Dragon" is now available as a cross stitch pattern! Get that HERE!  Also, "Spellbook" and "Cecaelia" are available as tubes on Dreamscape Imaging! Get those and any of my other tubes HERE!

Next up... I have possibly one more commission to go! After that I hope to start a new ACEO series that I've been planning for several months now. I just haven't gotten a chance to start it yet due to other projects. All I'll say, is that it's a sort of spin off to my garden series, but with a theme of it's own. :)  I have some other larger painting ideas too that I want to do. I may do one of those first and then do the ACEOs. Not sure yet...

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jackid said...

These are gorgeous Rebecca I love them all but think the spellbound one is my favourite
Jacki xx