Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweet Things Series

I've completed a new series!! I loved working on these so much! I just love how colorful they are! These started out being painted on Claybord, but I soon found out that I despise working on it. I had to stop and try something else. I already knew that I wanted these to be displayed on little easels. They're only 4 x 4"

So I decided to try mounting my normal watercolor paper to the Claybord and then paint on that. After some research, I used some acrylic medium as and adhesive and mounted my paper to the board. It worked out perfectly and the rest of the painting experience worked like a dream! :)

So I have Cupcake, Ice Cream and Candy to present to you! Three tattooed, "Sweet" beauties.


Ice Cream


 Here are the three originals, which are now available in my Etsy shop, displayed on their little easels!

You can also find prints of them in all of my online shops... Ebay, Etsy and my website!

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