Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Storms #2: Lightning Sketch

Here is the next sketch for my storms series. Lightning! I had so many problems with this one!! It gave me such a hard time. I just couldn't seem to get everything to work together. First I couldn't draw her face and then her arm was too long! I almost gave up on it altogether! I finally decided to transfer the parts of the sketch that I did like and begin on a new sheet of paper since the other had so many eraser marks. lol. Well, I finally got something that I can work with out of it. :) I'm pretty happy with it. She has the intensity that I wanted. I may fix a thing or two before I paint it, but I'm going to move on to the next one.

I have to sketch one more and I'm going to start painting them. I thought I'd be more likely to keep up with the series, if I had them all sketched out first. :)

Here's Rain if you haven't seen it: RAIN

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Katerina Koukiotis said...

rebecca it looks wonderful!! i wouldn't want to mess with her!!

I know what you mean about getting eveything right,sometimes some subjects are really difficult to get right..found a great trick to measure with pencils and sometimes rulers for subjects giving me a really hard time i use a grid but i'm not that good with drawings squares or patient and most of the time i give up on it ,
i also do the cutting pasting thing often especially with backgrounds, i draw the main figure and until i figure out what i do with the background i stick it with tape to see if i like it or not it works though :)

Looks fantastic can't wait to see it painted!!

Jade Scarlett said...

This is awesome! Can't wait to see where you take it.


Vesna Designs said...

She is a powerful and exqusit looking beauty, can't wait to see more really...I work the same, I need a whole series ( or at least first 3) scertched and complete before I start painting...:)!!!

ElvenstarArt said...

Thanks, Katerina!! I use a point to point sort of measurement which usually works for me, but every now and then everything goes wrong. lol It's funny to hear all the different methods we have to get things the way we want them. Sometimes, if I suspect that something in a sketch is off, such as the distance between the eyes for example, I'll scan the sketch into Photoshop and move things just to see if I was right before I actually erase things on the paper. It really helps make sure I don't mess up my sketch for no reason. :)

Thank you, Jade and Vesna! I know from my past experience with series, that if I don't sketch them out first, I may finish one and then do the others a year later! lol So I thought this might work better for me. :)