Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 New Bracelets!

"Autumn In Copper" bracelet I finished this last week sometime. It is done in a tubular herringbone stitch in size 11 antiqued copper and dark copper metal seed beads. It is completed with antiqued copper findings, branch toggle clasp and with dangle charms made of Swarovski crystal beads and leaf and pine cone charms. It is great for the Autumn season! The beaded rope is about 8mm thick and the bracelet measures about 7.5" around. It's meant to fit the wrist loosely.

It is for sale HERE!

"Black Iris" bracelet

This one is a little older, but I forgot to post it here. This dark and lovely bracelet is also made in a tubular herringbone stitch with size 11 seed beads in matte black and silver-lined purple. It is finished with purple Swarovski crystal beads and then followed by a black lucite flower bead cap and another smaller crystal. Finally there is a matte black toggle clasp. The beaded rope is about 8mm thick and the bracelet is about 7.5 inches when closed.

It is for sale HERE! There are also more pics of it there. :)

I should have my new Halloween painting done in the next couple of days! I'm really close to being done with it.

And unfortunately, no luck on the contact lenses. They were worse than ever! :(


Fallen and Lost said...

I´m so sorry to hear you still have problems with your lenses.. I keep my fingers crossed for you to fix that problem very soon!

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