Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Pumpkin Queen

I finished her! :)

The Pumpkin Queen summoning spirits on Halloween.
Watercolor and white goauche. 8 x 12"

This is my Halloween painting for the year. It's a little more obvious than some of my others. And yes, it was inspired some by A Nightmare Before Christmas. Hope you like her!

Detail View:


El Lichi said...

What a wonderfull blog!
Saludos desde Argentina!
Que el √°urea boreal de tus ojos penetre en tu mente para guiarnos hacia la luz!
Aguante Jethro Tull! Aqualung!
I love Led Zeppelin!

Rose said...

As I said on your DA and twitter ^_^ this painting is really good, one of my favourites ! I love all ! The pumpkins, the pose, the red eyes, the background... it's just perfect !

Holly Durr said...

Wow, it turned out really beautiful. I really love the pumpkin candle post.

Fallen and Lost said...

Like I already said on DA, it´s wonderful. It´s perfect for Helloween and like I said before, I love her boot.