Monday, December 22, 2008

ACEO Finished! Dragon Angel

Yeah, I know the title is pretty bad, but I couldn't think of anything better. lol

I'm very happy with how she turned out! As I mentioned on my last blog entry, I was trying to use some different colors that I haven't used recently. So I settled on a reddish purple. The scan is pretty close. In person, her dress looks almost exactly the color of grape juice! :)

I love to paint white hair! It is one of my favorites. I was thinking of giving her black hair at first, but I'm really glad that I settled on white. I think it complements the purple really well.

The original ACEO painting is for auction on Ebay for the next week. For those who don't know what ACEOs are, they are small, trading card-sized paintings that are always 2.5 x 3.5" They are very collectible and very popular on Ebay. You can see my auction HERE.

There are also limited edition prints available on my website HERE. The edition is of 18 prints. I do my aceo limited editions in multiples of 9 because that is the number I can fit on one sheet of 8.5 x 11" paper. So then I don't waste any paper. :)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!


Julia Guthrie said...

She's gorgeous Rebecca! I love the colour scheme too :)
Btw, just saw your post on FAE forum regarding blogs...added you to my list!:)

ElvenstarArt said...

Thanks Julia! I'm going to follow your blog. :)

Julia Guthrie said...

You're welcome! Thanks hon :)