Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowy Weekend!

Wow, has it been snowing a lot this weekend! Friday morning we had a bad storm and got 10 or 11 inches dumped on us, and now it is snowing again this morning! I'm already sick of winter! :(

I've started an ACEO painting. This is another one that has a dragon in it, sort of like my last ACEO, "Moonlit Companions." Only the dragon is a little bigger in this one, but it's still a pretty small dragon. I like the little ones; they're cute! lol Anyway, I'm really trying to use some different colors that I haven't used lately. So definately no blue or green. It's looking pretty so far, but I won't tell what colors I've settled on. ;) Hopefully, I'll get that done sometime this week. Maybe I'll make a series out of these ACEO dragons. :)

I'm thrilled about the response to my newest painting, Enchanted Evening! I thank everyone very much! When I first began to sketch that out, I was thinking of doing a tutorial about sketching from a reference and showing how I went about it. But I lost some enthusiasm for the idea as I went along. I did take a bunch of pictures of the process though, which can be seen to the right. I've noticed that I sketch completely different now than I did just a few years ago. I used to always start first with the eyes and then work my way around that. I don't know exactly when that changed, but now I always start with a rough outline of the figure and then go back and keep refining and detailing. I think that this has helped get the proportions more accurate and with getting things positioned better on the page. I use a sort of point to point measurement system to get things as accurate as I can. You can see that in the sketch progress from the faint lines. :)

That is about all for now. Happy Holidays everyone!!

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