Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ACEO Printing

I just got done doing the limited edition prints for "Dragon Angel." *wishes I'd thought of a better title*

I decided to do an edition of 18 this time instead of my usual 9. I think that I'll start doing 18+ from now on. It seems like I needed more. Anyway, I'm now making the corners rounded on my ACEO prints too and not only on the originals! I found a neat punch that rounds the corners perfectly and easily.

You can see the prints to the right pictured next to the original. I got the colors adjusted pretty much perfectly this time. It can be really frustrating when the picture can't be made to look just like the original. I always try make it as close as I can.

And below is my super sophisticated storage of all my ACEO prints. LOL It is effective enough. :)


Katerina Koukiotis said...

lovely new aceo and prints!!
by the way i love the title!!

i only round the corners on the originals but not on all i do it with a little scissor..lol
the punch thingy sounds fantastic!!

good idea about more aceo prints , i was wondering about that too, can we do that to the ones we already listed as 9 limited? or the ones that sold out? i have no idea what the rules for the aceo prints are or of they are any.

Meerry christmas!!

ElvenstarArt said...

I don't think that we can go back on change the ones that we already set as 9 or have sold out of. I had all mine numbered on the backs out of 9 (like 5/9). So unfortunately I think those are stuck. But from now on I'm going to do at least 18, I think.

I've tried a couple of punches. Both of these work nicely:

Corner Adorner

Angle Eater

Though, I like the corner adorner one a little better. I think it cuts cleaner. :)

ElvenstarArt said...

Oh, and thanks! I'm glad you like the painting and the title! :)

Katerina Koukiotis said...

yeah i think you're right about the LE aceos cant go back to the ones we numbered i do the same thing in the back,those punchers look so cute!! i think the yellow one i may have seen at Micheal's unless it was a different item .

and you're very welcome!! :)

ElvenstarArt said...

It's very possible that you saw it at Michaels. I found one at Walmart. The one they had there was the Medium size though (that one's green instead of yellow) and I wanted small, so I found one on ebay. :)