Monday, December 8, 2008

Loss of Momentum

I've been forced to slow down on my art so far this month since my stomach ulcer has returned. I got so much work done in November, so this is a bit disappointing. And the medicine gives me headaches on top of everything, so I've basically been feeling pretty crappy. Today seems a little better though! The last time I had this I could barely eat for a couple weeks, so at least this time that isn't the case. :)

I'm going to start working on something soon. I'm debating on whether I want to go back and work on an older painting that I started over a year ago. If you follow my work anywhere else, you may remember some of the progress on it I've shown. It has a Goblin King and Queen in it.

This painting is really big (for me anyway) so it is going to take a while to complete. It's 14 x 18" I think. Which is bigger than I usually work, especially lately.

I don't know if I want to work some more on that, or start a new painting. I have an idea for another of a Victorian-type theme again. Maybe I'll manage to fit both in somehow.

Here are the sketches for the Goblin King and Queen:

I also want to make some more treasure boxes of my artwork like I did once pictured to the right. I made that and posted it for sale, but then I took it down and decided to keep it for myself. lol :) I want to make some more like that. I have enough supplies from that one that I could make another just like it. I just need to go buy another wood box. It was a fun little project and turned out great! So I need to do some more of those. :)


Holly Durr said...

Well I know all about slowing down. I hope you feel better soon. I really like the jewelry box.

ElvenstarArt said...

Thanks! I'm feeling quite a bit better already. :)