Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grape Twist Bracelet

I've made another bracelet! This one is a gift for my mom. I was originally going to give her the "Rose Garden" one I made, but I ended up wearing it myself. lol :) The crystal charms at the end of the dangles are actually the same color even though they didn't seem to want to photograph that way. ;)

I'm getting really close to being done with my painting (Another Ruined Cravat). I haven't taken anymore progress pics though. His shirt is taking a while to paint! It never really occurred to me that it would, but I have to build up the dark shadows and it's not going fast. I should have it done this week sometime though! The whole painting, that is, not just his shirt. ;)

I have an appointment on Monday to get my eyes examined. I need some new glasses. Actually I'm going to get contacts this time, because I hate wearing glasses. Not really for vanity reasons, I just really find them bothersome at times. It is definitely time that I went though. I got my glasses I'm wearing now when I was in high school still, and I graduated in 2002! lol


Katerina Koukiotis said...

what a beautiful gift for your mom i bet she loves it!!! :)
you're one of the few artists i know that does this by hand on her own and does it so professionally!!

ElvenstarArt said...

Thank you very much, Katerina!! :)