Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Vision Saga Continues...

Today, I had my follow up appointment for my contacts... and I had some complaints ready. I actually liked the contacts, they were comfortable most of the the time and didn't bother me to have in my eye. I liked not having to wear glasses and the absence of reflections on the lenses. But the most important thing was lacking. I couldn't see all that much better, which was the whole point. Same thing with my new glasses too. So anyway, I told the doctor all this, and she's a different one than I had the first time. After doing some testing, it was concluded that the original prescription wasn't right (which I'd basically figured out myself) but she thinks that I have a slight astigmatism in my right eye. This would really explain a lot since sometimes I thought that the new prescription was okay, and then other times it seemed blurry or out of focus.

Unfortunately, they didn't have the new prescription in stock and had to order it. So I have to wait another week to possibly see any better. I'm just hoping that I won't get charged anything to get my glasses redone with the new prescription. I mean, it isn't my fault that it was wrong the first time. I'm quite irritated with the whole thing by now. Thankfully my eyes aren't so bad that I can't do anything without my glasses, but they do feel strained quickly and I get headaches especially if I try reading without them (one of my favorite things to do!). :( I feel bad, though, because I'm not getting a whole lot of new work done. I'm working on a commission (slowly) and I want to start a Halloween themed painting soon after I'm done. I have a neat idea for that! I even have a little concept sketch done for it. :)

I did manage to finish a necklace a couple days ago! It matches the black bracelet I made before. And this one is for SALE! :) It is available in my Etsy shop HERE! I'm planning to make another bracelet to sell too eventually. It is a fun new hobby of mine! It becomes kind of addicting!

Oh, and I have 2 poster size prints for auction on ebay! They are of "The Secret Temple" and "Darkest Night"! They only have 2 days left though. Sorry for the late notice! Check those out HERE. They start at $9.99 and have free shipping! :)

I also recently wrote a little tutorial about watercolor textures. You can view the tutorial on my website. It feature a few ways of creating texture that aren't mentioned quite as often as some others and are a little more controllable. I hope some may find it helpful!


Fallen and Lost said...

Rebecca, I´m really very sorry for you that the whole thing with the new glasses and the contacts didn´t work out like you wanted. Keep my fingers crossed that you get your new ones pretty soon without to pay anything anymore.

I should wear glasses, too, but like I said, I´m too vain at that point but I can read or whatever without to get any problems, no headache or anything like that. But I know I have to do anything soon, maybe next year because I hope the world economy will getting better a bit again to pay for some glasses or even contacts, too. I guess here it will be very expensive, too.

Can´t wait to see your new work. BTW I got a deviantart account and linked some of your arts as my favorites. Hope to add some art sometime in the future too, if I should be brave enough. *grin*

ElvenstarArt said...

Thanks. I'm still waiting to hear from them. It's a slow place, I'm starting to think.

I can see close up alright too, but distance is blurry. That's why I wondered why I was getting headaches from reading and stuff. It from the astigmatism in my right eye that I didn't know I had. That make so much sense, now that I know about it. When I look through each eye separately, my right eye is definitely blurrier than my left. I hope the new prescription will be right this time.