Sunday, August 30, 2009

EBAY Store Sale!

EBAY Store Sale

Everything is on sale!!


Fallen and Lost said...

I´m sorry that I have to say no to all your wonderful artworks this time. Too much to pay this month and two birthdays of friends coming. As much as I love my friends, it´s always expensive if you don´t earn much money. But I visit your e-bay store from time to time and hope to buy something for myself in the next months. Still have to put your other stuff on the walls, but the walls are that thick, I need my father to put something on the wall, have to wait till he visits me again. *sigh*
Would it be okay to link your ebay store at a German community I´m a member of? Maybe some of my people would like to see and maybe buy something?

ElvenstarArt said...

*hugs* I understand! And sure, a link would be great! Thank you! :)